Andrew May

Andrew May

Andrew May has eighteen (18) years of legal experience representing clients ranging from individuals and small business…

Julie Wulfstat

Julie Wulfstat

After her studies in Library Science, Julie Wulfstat began her paralegal studies and obtained her paralegal degree in 2003…

Chicago Investment Lawyer

May Law, PC is a Chicago  firm providing legal services in the area of financial services – primarily commodities, futures, foreign exchange (“FOREX”), options and securities law, commercial law, corporate law and litigation. Andrew May has eighteen(18) years of legal experience representing clients ranging from individuals and small business to Fortune 500 firms.

While remaining responsive to the needs of its core commodities, FOREX, futures, proprietary (prop) traders, options and securities clients, the firm has extended its practice to other areas. The firm takes satisfaction in establishing one-on-one relationship with its clients. The firm seeks to move projects from commencement to conclusion in a prompt manner without overlapping attorneys, “over-lawyering” a file or a revolving door of attorneys staffing your project that have sadly become more common in the legal profession.


The firm takes pride in the fact that it provides more than legal advice but also occupies a counselor role to its clients. In addition, the firm takes its ethical rules, fiduciary responsibilities and treats law as a profession and not a business that “nickel and dimes” its customers. Rather, the firm treats clients whose interests should be placed ahead of the firm’s own interests.


Capital Wealth Planning, LLC / Money Manager
H.S. Dent Advisors, Inc. / Money Manager

Harry Dent / Celebrated Author
Integrative Medical Network, LLC / Alternative Medicine Provider
Terrana& Associates, LLC / Search Firm for the Securities Industry
Premier Financial Resources / Insurance Brokerage