Chicago Commodities Lawyer

May Law, PC counsels participants in all the major trading markets, both for on exchange and off-floor operations. The firm has represented floor brokers, market makers, specialists, traders, and member firms, FOREX traders, options traders, including proprietary (prop) trading boutiques.

At May Law, PC, Chicago futures attorney, Andrew May, takes satisfaction in establishing one-on-one relationships with his clients. He seeks to move projects from commencement to conclusion in a prompt manner without overlapping attorneys, “over-lawyering” a file or over staffing your project which has sadly become more common in the legal profession.


Futures Capital, Clearance, Margin and Operations

The complex areas of clearance and settlement, capital and margin regulation are areas of familiarity to May Law, PC. The firm advises commodities, futures, FOREX and options firms on correspondent and clearing arrangements, and capital and operational questions. The Firm counsels accounting firms performing audits of commodities, futures, FOREX and options professionals.

May Law, PC takes the time to learn about its clients and their businesses so we can guide and assist them to not only meet but exceed challenges faced. The firm is committed to providing experienced and skilled counsel attuned to their local, national and international clientele’s objectives and diverse needs. The firm thinks of its role as more than providing legal advice but acting as a counselor to its clients. The firm provides vigorous, innovative and cost-effective solutions and strategies to the profession of law.