Chicago Futures Lawyer for Audit, Enforcement Defense, Investigations and Regulatory Examinations (Exams)

May Law, PC has particular expertise in defending Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and self-regulatory organizations like, National Futures Association (NFA) investigations and enforcement proceedings before the NFA’s Business Conduct Committee, exchanges such as the CBOT or CME or the CFTC. Some of the firm’s greatest successes have been in this arena. Because of the firm’s frequent contacts with enforcement offices, it often sees enforcement matters concluded through devising innovative undertakings, and avoiding unwelcome corrective measures. The firm also provides assistance with audit and exam related issues.

May Law, PC, is a Chicago, Illinois, based law firm prepared to handle legal issues involving compliance, regulation, and helping businesses maintain best practices to prevent or manage business conduct and regulatory issues, and risks. When faced with audits, investigations, enforcement matters, regulatory examinations (exams), or requests for on the record (OTR) testimony involving commodities, FOREX, futures or options, contact Andrew May. May Law, PC, is also prepared to secure business continuity and protect your personal investment and interests.

Chicago Commodities Attorney

May Law, PC represents buyers and sellers in introducing brokers (IBs) and other investment firms. In addition to the regulatory expertise necessary to effect such acquisitions in the futures industry, the firm has an extensive knowledge of the business considerations that are important in completing such acquisitions, representing either the buyer or seller. This knowledge is essential to successfully completing new member and continuing member applications before exchange (CBOT, CME, ICE, NYBOT) and self-regulatory organizations such as National Futures Association (NFA).

May Law, PC takes pride in the fact that we provide more than legal advice but also act as a counselor to its clients. In addition, the firm takes its ethical rules, fiduciary responsibilities and treats law as a profession and not a business.